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Up!Grade Staff have been great. Our 4th grade son has been struggling with math since the 1st grade and has been below grade level ever since. They've worked with him to build his skills and confidence to the point where after only 3 months he's improved his scores by 60%. The learning environment, their methodology and support have been invaluable to his success and we're grateful for all they've done.
My children started UPGRADE in September 2008 and after 2 months, both have excelled academically. My daughter (1st grade) has shown confidence in both reading and math, and is at the top of her class. Moreover, my son's pre-K teacher was in awe that he is way ahead of his class. For being in pre-K, I believe that his academic performance is that of late kindergarten to beginning 1st grade level. I am pleased with the way UPGRADE has provided for my children academically. The environment is fantastic and the teachers are very patient. I have had my children in other programs, but this is one program that is worth investing.
Taylor and Dylan
Christine 試過不同的補習學校和課程, 效果並不顯著。 不過經過幾個月每個星期四個小時的UPGRADE課程, 成績顯著的提高, 比我們預期的進步更大。非常感謝UPGRADE的先生們﹐讓Christine不但補回以前得基礎, 更讓她準備好了進入初中。
Math is not my son Nathaniel's favorite subject, he struggles with it every day at school. And doing math homework with him was very difficult. I researched all the other tutorial places and I found Upgrade to be the most reasonable. Today, I am very happy of my decision to place him with Up!Grade, the staff are very knowledgeble, patient, and caring. Nathaniel has improved tremendously. Thank you, Up!Grade for a job well done!
Della is a young first grader who has struggled academically all year. We were having to seriously consider holding her back to repeat first grade, when we found Up!Grade. Upon calling the center I was immediately impressed with Up!Grade Staff's dedication to understanding the issues Della faces. The structured independent learning program, combined with one on one attention, is tremendously effective. Within 2 months Della has gained over 1/2 year competency in reading and math and we are, happily and confidently, able to move her to second grade. We'll continue working with the Up!Grade staff next year and beyond!
Up!Grade is great, overall from the teacher, price and location. They are genuine in what they do, making sure the kids learn by using computers and other learning methods. You receive daily summary of what they learn and they will explain to you what you can do to help and further their learning in and out of the classroom. My kid likes to go and I can see the results. I'll recommend Up!Grade because of their small classroom sizes, so my child can receive the one on one he needs and the positive reinforcement they get from prizes. My son is more confident in math which was his troubled area. Thanks to Up!Grade!
Our daughter was struggling with her 1st Grade math, and began to have the attitude that she simply "wasn't good at math". She rejected any kind of learning from us at home and avoided her math homework. Something had to be done! That's when a friend recommended Up!Grade Learning Center. Their thorough assessment at the beginning of her initial course, revealed she wasn't as awful at math as she thought she was, and she began attending math class to gain confidence and shore up her knowledge. Over the last 18 months we have seen and vast improvement in her fluency of math concepts and, very importantly, her basic understanding of what is being asked of her. Personally, I love the staff at Up!Grade, who are welcoming and warm, and also calm and focused. The center has the atmosphere of studious learning where the children can concentrate and improve their skills - I fully recommend it!